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Alpha Electronic Banking

One click away from your Bank

Do you want instant access to information on the balances in your current account, loan account or savings account? Do you need to make a payment? Do you need an account statement showing changes in your account over a specified period? And you need all this information in a flash?

Whether you are in the comfort of your home, at work or enjoying an exotic getaway in a far corner of the Earth, at any time of day or night, we will always be there – just one click away from you!

Alpha e-Banking features the following functionalities

  • Access to balance and changes in your current account, loan accounts and Forex account
  • Overview of executed orders and their structures
  • Issuing and execution of orders in favour of recipients maintaining accounts with Alpha Bank
  • Issuing and execution of orders in favour of recipients maintaining accounts with other banks
  • Issuing of orders in advance or on the effective date
  • Overview of statements of accounts for a specified period
  • Access to balance and changes in savings accounts
  • Calculation and access to loan accounts

    Alpha e-Banking device:

    Alpha e-Banking also gives you the convenience of using the token device, which enables faster, simpler, safer and more convenient access to various banking services from anywhere, subject toi Internet access.

    The token is a small and practical device the size of a key ring that gives maximum protection to clients in electronic operations. As it requires no software or hardware installation, it has exceptional mobility and also universal functionality, because it gives you access to all Alpha Bank’s electronic services at any time.

    How to become a user of Alpha e-Banking

    All of the above benefits and advantages of modern operations are conveniently available to you without complicated procedures.

    All you have to do is visit your Alpha Bank branch and a Bank officer will fill out an application form for you to sign, after which you will be issued a Token and/or a PIN envelope with your initial password.

    Supported Internet Browsers

    Users of FC@ e-Banking service are recommended to use Internet Explorer. Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are partially supported.