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Alpha E-banking service

One click away from your bank

Make your business activities faster, simpler and more convenient! A state-of-the-art way of managing your company’s funds is now at your disposal 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with our Alpha e-Banking service. You are never more than one click away from effecting transactions and having continual access to information about your company’s financial situation! Use the advantages of Alpha e-Banking and be fast, flexible and competitive in the modern business environment.

Alpha e-Banking – a service tailored to your needs and the needs of your company:

  • An electronic payment system available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • A web-based e-business system – safe and efficient
  • The service operates in maximum safety mode, with state-of-the-art safety technologies
  • Possibility of making payments immediately or on a specified date
  • Instant execution of orders in favour of recipients banked with Alpha Bank and real-time execution of orders in favour of recipients included in the payment system of the National Bank of Serbia
  • Possibility of issuing urgent orders to be executed immediately
  • Viewing, downloading and printing of statements by dates
  • Access to balance and changes in your foreign exchange account
  • Daily exchange rates
  • Real-time viewing and monitoring of your account balance and orders until their execution 
  • Entering of bulk orders using a standard structure file
  • Creation of a standard structure file of statements for booking

        A service that reflects your company’s organisation

        To adequately support the organisation of activities and authority and responsibility arrangements within your company, Alpha e-Banking service allows the assignment of different access levels and functionalities to each of your employees, including:

        • Balance inquiry – a user is allowed access only to account balance and statements
        • Entry of orders – in addition to the above, a user can also enter new orders
        • Multiple signature of orders – in case of dual signature, a user affixes one of the two signatures required for the execution of an order
        • Individual signature of orders – a user has the higher level of authority for working with your company’s accounts

            Safety first!

            Safety technology is built in each segment of the information system. Tokens are based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), which means the codebook uses both public and private keys (asymmetric encryption) for data protection. PKI cryptography ensures the highest level of protection, characterised by quality, safe source and destination, privacy and validity of sent and received electronic data.

            Start using the benefits of Alpha e-Banking today

            All you have to do is visit your Alpha Bank branch and a Bank officer will fill out an application form for you to sign, after which you will be issued a Token and/or a PIN envelope with your initial password.

            Supported internet browsers

            Users of FC@ e-Banking service are recommended to use Internet Explorer. Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are partially supported.